Suat Altmışyedioğlu
Caesarean Birth

Cesarean birth is the process of surgical removal of the baby through the abdomen and uterine wall. Cesarean delivery may be required in some cases for the health of the mother or baby. In this article, we will consider the issue in more detail, presenting basic information about the method of cesarean delivery, its indications and the recovery process.

Cesarean Delivery Method

  1. Classical Caesarean Section: Classical Caesarean section, which is one of the old methods, involves making a vertical incision. Nowadays it is a less preferred method.

  2. Vertical or Horizontal Incision (Sixth Caesarean Section): The abdominal wall is opened through a vertical or horizontal incision. This method can be more aesthetic and the healing process can be faster.

Indications for cesarean delivery

  1. Medical Requirements: If the health of the mother or baby is at risk (for example, the inability to return position in the baby, preeclampsia in the expectant mother).

  2. Presence of Previous Caesarean Section: After a previous caesarean section, the expectant mother can give birth again by cesarean section.

  3. Baby's Size: If it may be difficult for the baby to be born normally (for example, if the baby is large).

Cesarean Delivery Process

  1. Preparation: Preoperative examinations are performed and the mother is directed for preoperative preparations.

  2. Surgery: Usually the mother is anesthetized with epidural or general anesthesia. The abdominal wall is cut, the uterus is accessed and the baby is removed.

  3. Placenta Removal: After the baby is born, the placenta is removed.

Recovery and Aftermath

The recovery process after cesarean delivery may take longer than normal delivery. After surgery, it is expected that the sutures will heal and the abdominal muscles will strengthen.

Risks and Reactions

In cases where cesarean delivery is not medically necessary, the risks to be considered and the length of the recovery process should be considered.

Cesarean delivery is a preferred delivery method in case of medical requirements or risk to mother-infant health. The advice and guidance of a specialist healthcare professional is essential for a good birth experience. Each birth is individual and should be guided by your doctor's recommendations.