Suat Altmışyedioğlu
Infertility Surgeries

Infertility refers to the condition in which a couple is unable to get pregnant even though they want to. There are many medical options and treatment methods for couples with infertility problems. Infertility surgeries are a treatment option used to increase couples' chances of achieving pregnancy. In this article, we will cover the topic in more detail, presenting the basic information about infertility surgeries.

Causes of Infertility Surgeries

Infertility surgeries can be performed for a variety of reasons. Problems such as abnormalities in the anatomy of the uterus, obstruction in the tubes, ovarian cysts or polycystic ovary syndrome can be the cause for infertility surgeries.

Types of Infertility Surgery:

  1. Tube Surgeries (Laparoscopic or Microsurgery): These are the operations performed to remove or repair the obstructions of the tubes. Tube surgeries aim to restore the function of the tubes.

  2. Endometriosis Surgeries: Endometriosis is the growth of tissues outside the uterus. These surgeries involve the removal of endometriosis tissues.

  3. Uterine Surgeries: Conditions such as anatomical abnormalities in the uterus or fibroids can cause infertility. Uterine surgeries aim to eliminate these problems.

Surgery Process and Healing

Infertility surgeries are usually performed with minimally invasive methods (laparoscopic or hysteroscopic) or microsurgical techniques. The operation process may vary according to the causes and type of surgery. The healing process also varies according to the type of surgery and the patient's condition.

Risks and Reactions

Like any surgery, infertility surgeries involve potential risks. Conditions such as infection, bleeding, anesthesia risks are among the risks that may be encountered after surgery.

Infertility surgeries are treatment methods performed to increase the chance of pregnancy of couples and to eliminate the causes of infertility. It is important to seek advice from a specialist doctor before surgery and to understand the risks and benefits of surgery. Infertility surgeries can be an important step to increase couples' chances of pregnancy.