Suat Altmışyedioğlu
Normal Birth

Normal birth is the process by which the baby is born vaginally from the mother's womb. Normal birth, which is a natural process of the mother-to-be's body, is the preferred birth method for many women. In this article, we will consider the issue in more detail, presenting the basic information on the stages, process and preparation of normal birth.

Normal Birth Stages

  1. Early Opening Period: It is the period when the cervix opens slowly. The expectant mother may feel mild contractions and discomfort.

  2. Active Opening Period: It is the period when the cervix opens more quickly. Contractions are stronger and regular.

  3. Second Stage: It is the stage where the baby comes out of the womb and is born. The expectant mother experiences a feeling of pushing and strong contractions.

  4. Third Stage: After the birth of the baby, the placenta (partner) is removed.

Normal Birth Process

  1. Preparation: The expectant mother should prepare according to the recommendations of her doctor in the period when the birth is approaching. Birth plans can be created.

  2. Beginning of Labor: Labor pains begin, the cervix begins to open and the expectant mother prepares to go to the hospital.

  3. Birthing Room: The expectant mother is followed by the specialist health team in the birthing room. The progress of the birth is monitored.

  4. Birth of the Baby: The baby is removed from the womb. At the stage of pushing takes place with the effort of the mother and with the help of the birth team.

  5. Removal of the Placenta: The placenta is removed after the baby is born.

Preparation and Recovery

For normal birth, the mother should create a birth plan, eat healthy during pregnancy and should not disrupt the doctor's controls. In the postpartum period, the healing process begins, and the mother's body returns to normal.

Normal birth is a preferred birth method for many expectant mothers. The birth process goes through stages and is followed by a specialist medical team. Each birth is individual and shaped according to the needs of the expectant mother. The guidance of a qualified healthcare professional is important for a safe birth experience.