Suat Altmışyedioğlu
Suppression Method (Uterine Relaxation Treatment)

After starting in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, the woman's hormones are first suppressed. This process is important to prevent the ovaries from ovulating at unwanted times and to obtain a higher number of ovums. The suppression of hormones is carried out with the aim of controlling the ovaries at an appropriate time for the transfer of mature ovums to the uterus.

This suppression process enhances the efficiency of the treatment. Obtaining a higher number of mature ovums means that a greater number of embryos can potentially be formed, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy. The initial number and size of ovums in the ovaries before treatment play a crucial role in determining the treatment protocol. As a result, the treatment process is tailored to the needs and health conditions of the couple.

In every step of in vitro fertilization treatment, it is guided by the careful and meticulous work of expert medical teams. Proper control of the woman's hormonal status and regulation of ovarian response are essential for the success of the treatment. This increases the chances of success in achieving a healthy pregnancy and strengthens the hope of couples having a healthy baby. Experts strive to provide the best medical services to couples by keeping up with technological advancements and scientific developments to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment process.