Suat Altmışyedioğlu
Subdermal Implant

It is a rod that is placed under the skin and provides a high rate of birth control for 3 years. It is applied in a very short time under local anesthesia. It is about 4 cm long by 0.2 cm thick. It is easily applied, it contains progestoro hormone in the rod. This hormone prevents getting pregnant by stopping ovulation, as with other birth control methods. It is easily placed by a specialist physician trained in this subject.

The effect begins as soon as the Subdermal Implant is inserted, but it is useful to wait for a while like other birth control methods. It can be applied to every woman who needs birth control. It is not applied to patients using some drugs, pregnant women and women with suspected pregnancy and patients with a history of embolism and stroke.

Reactions such as headache, chest tenderness or pain, menstrual irregularity, redness or spotting of the skin are sometimes seen.

Subdermal implant price: You can learn the price information of subdermal implant application by calling our clinic. The implant is taken from the pharmacy by the patient and applied in our clinic.

How many years does the subdermal implant protect? The subdermal rod provides full protection for 3 years.