Suat Altmışyedioğlu
VIP Birthday

The term "VIP Maternity Service" refers to a service provided by health institutions or hospitals that offer a private and privileged birth experience. This service aims to provide expectant mothers with extra facilities such as more comfort, private rooms, personal doctor services, luxury and relaxing environment. VIP maternity services can cater specifically to famous individuals or high-income individuals, but can be chosen depending on everyone's preferences.

VIP maternity services may include:

  1. Private Birth Suite: A private delivery room or suite can be provided to the expectant mother. These suites can be more spacious, cozy and comfortable.

  2. Personal Doctor and Health Team: A special doctor or health team may be assigned to the expectant mother. This is aimed at providing increased attention and special service.

  3. Special Meal Service: Special food service or special menu options may be offered to the expectant mother and her family.

  4. Relaxing Services: Extra services such as a spa, massage or relaxing treatments can be offered.

  5. More Privacy: More privacy can be provided to people who want to get VIP service.

  6. Family Room: A private family room may be offered to accommodate the baby.

  7. Advanced Technology and Equipment: Services can be provided using the latest medical technology and equipment.

  8. Fast and Priority Service: Those who receive VIP maternity services can receive a priority service compared to other patients.